It takes me immense pleasure in defining ???crush??™. Crush is ?????™an attraction that an individual generates in his mind about another individual of opposite gender, initiated by visual experience???. Crush is something that makes you to watch her again. The pleasure will be mild in your heart.
If am given a chance to say in and outs of crush, I would say there are 3 stages of crush. The theory analyses not only crush but relation with the crush.
Stage1 ??“ Eyecrush
Here it is the very inception of crush. Just by 1 look you gets attracted. In this stage any external stimuli which makes you to go near to your crush, will make yo happy. This is actually when you want yourself be connected with that person. You try to find a link where you can go near reach that person. You will be eager about the coming days. The very requirement for growth from 2st stage to second stage is more and more visual experience. But if it doesn??™t happen, your orientation may get diverted.
Stage 2 ??“ Talkcrush
Here your relation would have become stronger than in 1st stage. You know your crush well and she knows that you have crush on her. Here you lose the initial visual pleasure. But will have metal pleasure of being connected. You like to talk more than see more. Here you will have strong hold.
Stage 3 ??“ Tiecrush
This is a stage where your crush starts going away from you. The reasons are many external variables which affects your crush??™s mind. She may not find you as curiously as before. You may be more inclined towards making it harder. Neither visual pleasure nor mental coordination takes place.
These stages are not must to happen. You might have stopped yourself in any of the stage or some stage might have taken a long term. For eg: you are just watching your crush. By the time you try to get closer to your crush, you see that already someone has taken her to another stage.
Or maybe the circumstances changed that another stage has become impossible. For eg: your crush might have been in your graduation college, who joined another institute later.
BCG matrix view
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In the first stage there is question mark. You don??™t know what will happen next. But the crush looks very attractive. Your strength in the crush is not so adequate. If you try to work hard and invest more there is chance of getting good strength. But market variables around have much effect. More investment will be made.
In the *3rd* stage you will be a cash cow. Your crush may not find you so attractive. It is your strength that keeps you connected in the market. In this stage neither visual experience nor mental connections will be pleasuring you. Go for modifications the way you approach your crush, the way you treat, try to bring new things. Try not too much dependent on this market.
Last stage is of the dog. This is when your crush completely leaves you and you get completely disturbed, and become like a dog. But generally this stage is of very short period for most of the people. Or some people don??™t go to this stage. Because by the time they come to this stage, they will be diverted by a new attractive market and will be fully diverted.
Limitations of the theory:
The theory is not based on any in depth study on the area.
It explains only from boy??™s point of view, whereas it has not touched girls.

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