1. There are different types of human trafficking. However, the movie focuses on one: human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, especially of women and children. Please describe some of the means (modus operandi) that human traffickers use in order to ???recruit??? their victims.

The way human traffickers recruit their victims through promises of employment and increased income using deception, fraud, the abuse of power, or outright abduction.The traffickers exploit the chasms between rich and poor nations and promise opportunities such as model agencies, maid/nanny services, and secretarial. Traffickers prey on women and children who do not have a saftey netorks and where government support for the public is weak. Further, it is important to note that some of the people that are trafficked are aware they will be prostitutes; however, they are unaware of the abuse and exploitation under slave-like conditions. Most victims are women and children, but the modus operation is usually the same. Traffickers promise a better life for the victim and the victim is then abducted.

2. Human trafficking is considered a global threat. Identify some of the connection points that make of this issue a transnational one

Human trafficking generates an incredible amount of money and is closely connected to money laundering, drug trafficking and document forgery. The organizations that facilitate the trafficking of human are a global threat with many transnational connections. For example, the Russian mafia, Chinese gangs, Italian mafia, drug cartels, and Eastern European mafias have profited off human trafficking. This criminal enterprise doesn??™t operate in a vacuum, and human trafficking has many other crimes associated with the smuggling. However, the criminal enterprise are adept at staying congnizant on local and international laws which allow them to quickly adapt operation procdures to avoid prosecution. The criminal organizations undermine international laws, governments ability to combat criminal enterprise, and the legitimacy of local governments in economically depressed areas.

3. Identify why does this global issue constitute a puzzle What elements should be taken into account For example, you might be interested in understanding why children sometimes end up as slaves after being sold by their own parents. The puzzle here is why parents are driven to sell their children, why there are buyers, and why governments have not put an end to this trade.

Trafficking rings are hard to combat due to their unique combination of versatility, adaptability, mobility, durability, and seemingly endless influx of supply and demand. Children that are sold by their family could be out of economic hardship or through intimidation by local criminal organizations. However, there is little a deterrent for families not participate in this type of trade since penalties to selling your child are not enforced. Further, human traffickers are not deterred by the possibility of punishment since most countries treat their prosecution as less severe than those dealing in the transportation of weapons or drugs. Such light sentences compound the problem of human trafficking by not effectively dissuading the continued practice. It is also difficult to identify and locate victims as they themselves are often unaware of where to seek help or are unable to escape. Even if they were able to free themselves from their situations, victims do not seek services due to fear of retribution against themselves or their families or fear of detention and deportation in the case of international trafficking.

4. Does this issue require serious consideration and policy action Why
Human trafficking networks are fluid non-hierarchal networks that move from country to country or state to state and law enforcement cannot win the war against human trafficking. Globalization has increased the possibility for networks to successfully evade law enforcement. To combat trafficking, the international community will be required to dedicated all levels law enforcement, political pressure and support, controlling immigration and migration, enforcing the rights of children and women, understanding cultural norms and values around prostitution. There should be an international policy in place since human trafficking destroys the most essential parts of society. This crime destroys government credibility while destroying the interfamilial relationships. Human trafficking doesn??™t only destroy the life of the victim but of every family member that is touched by the victims??™ disappearance. Policy needs to be developed now because criminal organizations will continue to evolve their smuggling methods and ways of recruitment.

5. Provide and describe at least one new solution that you believe would help resolve the issue. You should weigh the benefits of your solution against the drawbacks, including whether your solution is financially feasible and what kinds of barriers might prevent cooperation on the issue (corruption, etc.).

International programs through international organizations could provide economic alternatives for potential victims, such as job training, education initiatives detailing the dangers of human trafficking, media campaigns and public awareness programs. International funds could be used to create a network of lawyers who quickly respond to and represent human trafficking victims. In more economically developed countries introduce through education programs in universities the dangers of sex tourism, the criminal penalties associated with it, and tell the victims stories. The idea would be to put a face and story to the victims of human trafficking. The forementioned ideas would be expensive; however, with the support of the international orginizations, the ideas of rapidly deployed legal representatives would work. In countries with thriving markets for sex toursim and endutured servitude, there would stiff resistince by the local goverments to allow international lawyers represent trafficking victims.
6. Conclusion: What did you learn about human trafficking Is it real or is it dramatized Should you care Can you make a difference

I learned that human tracking is one of the most horrible forms of crime that exist in the world today. The pain and suffering felt by the victims is not dramatized. The people that are trafficked are not ???throwaways???; they are human beings that deserve the right to live peacefully and without pain. Everyone should care about human trafficking since everyone has friends, cousins, newphews, nieces, children, brothers, and sisters. These are the people that are trafficked, and they are not any less human because they are from a poorer region of the world. Everyone can make a difference. It would be easy to collect donations for programs that support the production of radio, television and documentary programs that increase the public??™s awareness of the problem of trafficking destination countries, as well as informing vulnerable populations in countries of origin.

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