Section 1a
Giuliani Remembers
In the interview with Larry King, Giuliani speaks of the attack on September 11th. I believe that CNN paid for Giuliani to come speak with Larry King. I detect a slant, when Giuliani says that “Were going to get attacked. We better get ready for a number of attacks, you know, suicide bombings and other kinds of attacks.” So, I thank God that thats not the case and I expect we are going to get attacked again but Im thankful that we got these five years.???, and again when he states ???and we have to support that.???, talking of what??™s going on in Iraq. It sounds as if he??™s supportive of the war, and of the efforts so maybe if he sounds supportive, the viewers will think they should be also. I believe that Rudolph Giuliani is somewhat biased in the fact that he was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks, and sides with the victims. I do not doubt his credibility, however because he a respected figure in government. The news clip reflects that society at large positively because it seems for the most part, what most people think, and would probably agree on.
Section 1b
In the ad that I watched at, I detected slants. The people in the ads were smiling and happy, and the problems that these people were facing were solved by the products from this company. It makes a consumer think that if they buy the product offered, their health problems or ailments will be solved also. I believe that the owners of Johnson and Johnson paid for these advertisements. The ad I watched seemed credible enough. It stated that the technique used was clinically proven and there was a link provided to read about the studies performed. The company itself has been around for years, and is reputable. The ad represents society as a society that cares if their baby sleeps well.

Section 2
I am not skeptical of Rudolph Giuliani??™s credibility. This man is a well-known figure, and for the most part, I think he is liked by the American people. It is likely what he says is true since he had an active role in government. Giuliani is biased in the interview. He was directly affected by the attacks on September eleventh, and therefore, whatever he says about the day will be biased. He is biased in favor of the victims, on New York, and of the American people.

Section 3
The ad I watched made a claim that the product will help babies sleep better. The ad plays into a desire that most parents of a baby have; the desire for your baby to fall asleep faster and sleep better. It is an existing desire, and one that has probably been around for centuries. It invokes feeling when it shows the baby sleeping peacefully, or when the mom is holding the baby and he smiles. The ad also describes a common situation, if a baby is fussy or has a hard time falling asleep, the product is supposed to help. I would indeed make a purchase based on the information. It not only played to my emotional sense, but to my logical sense when it stated that it was clinically proven, gave the study details and the step-by step process on how to use the product the most effective way.

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