Wendy??™s paid for one example of the ads, and Progressive paid for the other one. There is not a slant in either of the examples that I used, because they both did not compete with eachother. I believe that a secondary opinion would be effective with this competitive restaurant and insurance company, and they use that method often in both of their commercials. The Wendy??™s example reflects that people know when something is real, rather than imitation. The slogan they use at the end of each example is, ???you know when it??™s real.??? This shows that society is capable of making the appropriate decision. This campaign is credible because they are promoting their use of 100% pure beef, and that is exactly what they use in their burgers. The Progressive commercials are promoting that their rates can compete with any other insurance company, and I do not believe this is credible. I believe it is not credible because different coverage prices can be established by another company for cheaper due to special circumstances.

I am skeptical of the source??™s credibility, because the way he answers the questions. He is not very thorough on the same subject in his answers, because he does not answer everything without going to something else that is not relevant. He shows a large amount of bias in his answers. He displays a good example of this bias when he says that he did not believe that Iraq was not capable of establishing a proper government.

The ad makes a claim that their burgers are never frozen and made of nothing, but North American beef. The desire that this ad offers is to consume one of their burgers, rather than another fast food restaurant??™s burger. It makes their burger desirable due to their burger??™s being ???real.??? This example tries to target an existing desire, because it states that the audience already knows that their burgers are the realest. This ad tries to invoke a feeling into you by making you laugh. The ad shows funny examples of things being fake, and this is an example of comedy to help persuade the audience. I would make a purchase based on the information presented, because I would like to consume a burger that is made completely of real meat.

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